Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lemonade Deliciousness

It's that time of year for making lemonade. Here are my two favorite recipes:

Crazy Coconut Lemonade

***Note*** Here is the step by step video to see how Ingrid makes it.

In each glass put about 4-6 mint leaves, 2 slices each of lemon and lime, and 2 Tbsp.of sugar. Muddle it (take the end of a wooden spoon and smash it around real good).

In blender mix:

1 cup of Coconut water
2-3 Tbsp.of coconut cream(milk)
2 Tbsp. of lemon juice
2 Tbsp. of lime juice
and ice.

Pour blended mixture in glass and light stir. Add more sugar if you need. Enjoy!!!!!

Tucano's Brazilian Lemonade

4 juicy limes
1 cup sugar
6 c. cold water
6 Tbsp. sweetened condensed milk

Mix water and sugar very well and chill. Wash limes w/soap. Cut off ends, then cut into 8ths. Place 1/2 of limes in blender, add 1/2 of sugar water and pulse 5x. Place a fine mesh strainer over pitcher and pour blended mixture through strainer. Throw out the peel. Add milk. ( I found 6 Tbsp to much, start off with 3) Taste as you go. If bitter use a little more sugar or milk. Serve immedietly.