Monday, August 23, 2010

The Best Brownies

The name doesn't lie! These brownies are honestly the best I have ever had. I actually got the recipe from Stacy Torfin a while back after she brought them over for our family. They really are so good!

1 ½ C. Flour
2 C. Sugar
1/3 C. Cocoa
Mix together then add;
3 eggs (beaten) stir lightly
While this is being done melt 2 cubes of butter in the microwave
Then add 1-1 ½ Tbsp. Vanilla (to the butter)
Pour into mixture and mix well
Add 1-2 large scoops of Marshmallow Cream and stir till swirled.
Pour in a 9x13 (sprayed) glass pan
Bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes

There you go! I like it with 2 scoops of mallow cream and they are best a bit under-baked, you know what I mean? I also like them a little thicker so I used a pan that was just a little smaller than a cake pan.


Jen Gillespie said...

Mmmm Mandi, these do sound good. But you know I love me some chocolate frosting. Are these really so good on their own that they don't need frosting? Or could I indulge?

Johnsons of Haymarket said...

Oh yes, she doesn't lie, these are fabulous brownies! And they don't need any frosting, they are perfect on their own or with some vanilla ice cream!